The GreenMarshmallow website & bot, will unfortunately be discontinued in April/May. This is due to server costs increasing (as server rental contracts are expiring) & limited API endpoints being provided by Twitch. A lite version will likely be available in the future. Please get in contact if you'd like to export data (commands, points etc) or if you'd like to migrate to the lite version.

Good Evening, Guest. GreenMarshmallow (v2.9.1) is a points bot, a command bot & more, created by Louwie™. Read below for info on it's current features, or check out the Changelog for the latest updates.


Create custom commands, which can be called upon again & again. They could contain info or questions asked frequently.

Show your current song playing on Spotify, wins on Fortnite, recent upload on YouTube & more. GreenMarshmallow has support for various APIs, which allows for dynamic commands in chat.

There are many default/built-in commands which can be enabled/disabled at any time.

You'll find channel Commands created by the broadcaster or their moderators & commands for EVERY feature on the Commands page.

Currency & LeaderboardsCurrency & Leaderboards
Currency & Leaderboards

Allows viewers to collect 2 Points/Currency for every 2 minutes they spend in the channel while it's live.

They'll also receive bonus Points/Currency when they subscribe, cheer or raid. Amounts are configurable.

You'll find channel Leaderboards (Global & Monthly), commands for the Currency system & chat games on the Leaderboards & Currency page.


Broadcasters can allow their viewers to redeem their Points/Currency in exchange for rewards. This could be for things like, a follow on Twitter/Twitch etc.

Each reward can have a customizable Points/Currency cost & can be enabled/disabled at any time.

You'll find channel Rewards & commands for the Rewards system on the Rewards page.

Events & AlertsEvents & Alerts
Events & Alerts

View the most recent channel followers, subscribers & cheerers.

When a viewer subscribers, cheers and/or raids, an alert will be shown in the chat & Points/Currency is awarded. Also supports gifted subscriptions.

Broadcasters can customize the alerts by modifying the messages & the Points/Currency awarded. The alerts can also be disabled.

You'll find recent Followers, Subscribers, Cheerers for the channel & commands for the Recent Events system on the Recent Events & Chat Alerts page.


Capture the funny things said in chat by the broadcaster or their viewers/moderators. The date/time & the game being played will automatically be added.

Quotes captured can be viewed either in chat or via the Quotes page.

You'll find channel Quotes captured & commands for the Quotes system on the Quotes page.


Create configurable timers that post messages to the chat every 10 minutes.

These can be used to promote social media links, reminders to follow/subscribe etc.

You'll find channel Timers created by the broadcaster & commands for the Timers system on the Timers page.


Feel free to contact Louwie if you would like help using GreenMarshmallow or if you'd like to provide feedback.

You can also request new features or submit a bug report.

You'll find contact methods on the Contact page.

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