Good Evening, Guest! Check this page regularly to see the latest updates & fixes for GreenMarshmallow.

v2.9.1 - December 6th 2019
  • Database updates.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with timezones, some dates/times were an hour ahead or an hour behind on the website.
  • Fixed a bug when gifting a subscription, the receiver's username was being omitted.
  • Removed left over code for the Monthly Leaderboards.
  • Changed the !cmd Role command to be toggleable, since there's only 2 states (Viewer & Moderator).
  • Removed the subbed since data from the !fc command, since Twitch still doesn't provide accurate data via the API.
  • Removed the !host & !raid commands due to Twitch issues that most like won't be fixed.
  • Added K/D stats to the !fortnitewins command, along with a new alias: !fortnitestats
  • Tidied up the !love & !hate commands.
  • Added documentation for missing commands & updated for existing commands.
  • Put a limit on the maximum number of commands, rewards & timers that can be created. No broadcasters (current or past) have come close these limits, but they can increase them by becoming a Supporter or Contributor. Broadcasters can see their usage via the Dashboard page. The limits are in place to prevent abuse.
  • Removed badges from the Leaderboards pages, since they were inconsistent & not always up to date.
  • Added glowing name colors to Supporters & Contributors, which is shown on all Leaderboards pages & everyhwere else their name is displayed (replaces badges).
  • Added !category as an alias for the !game command.
  • Updated the !ads command to allow use by Affiliate streamers, since Twitch Announced Ads for Affiliates.
  • Fixed a bug with the !rewards command not saving the full description (credit to campcatx for the bug report).
  • Added a panel to the top of the leaderboard pages, which shows a summary of your currency/points, hours & rank.
v2.9.0 - June 24th 2019
  • GreenMarshmallow is now a verified Twitch bot, meaning GreenMarshmallow now has higher chat limits & messages should not be dropped.
  • Fixed the !regular command to show the instructions on how to redeem regular, when the regular reward exists.
  • Fixed issues with timers & rewards not disabling/enabling.
  • Finally filtered out bots & ignored users from the chatters!
  • Fixed issues where, if the user has no Currency/Points, the amount is not shown correctly on the Rewards page.
  • Tidied up some of the error messages around rewards (cannot afford/reward disabled etc).
  • Rewrote the script which calculates time since. Should be more accurate now.
  • Rewrote some backend code due to performance reasons. The bot should respond faster now.
  • Added a more friendly message to the !spotify when no song is playing.
  • Increased the per user cooldown on the !vanish command, due to single user spam.
  • Added !points SetRank & !points RemoveRank, for streamers to set a custom channel rank for users (credit to ShadowCam935 & Udder for the suggestion).
  • Added !points Hide to hide a user from the Leaderboards, but still allow them to earn Currency/Points & hours. Broadcasters can still use !points Blacklist to hide a user from the Leaderboards AND prevent them from earning Currency/Points & hours.
  • Added moderator only commands! Use !cmd Role to update an existing commands to moderator only commands (credit to ShadowCam935 for the suggestion).
  • Updated the Commands page to show the user that created or last edited custom channel commands.
  • Removed the Role column on the Commands page. The role will now be shown with a badge like the default commands.
  • Removed Monthly Leaderboards based on feedback & usage statistics. This means the main (Global) Leaderboards will receive more updates & could include things such as Game Points.
  • When the Currency/Points system is disabled in a channel, the Currency & Leaderboards page & the Rewards page will now show a notice.
  • Rearranged the site menu, most of the channel specific pages are now grouped under the Commands menu or the Currency menu.
  • Added !cmd SetCount for manually adjusting a command's usage @Count@ (credit to ShadowCam935 for the suggestion).
  • Fixed issues with the !lastseen command.
  • Rewrote the !userinfo command & set it to mod only.
v2.8.8 - May, 18th 2019
  • Added confirmation messages to the !purge command & the !vanish command, so moderators & the broadcaster can see when messages are deleted.
  • Fixed some typos & tidied up the Commands page.
  • Added the sub score to the Subscribers section of the Events & Alerts page. Useful for Affiliates & Partners when calculating how close they are to their next emote slot.
  • Fixed an issue with tokens not storing. If you had issues, sign in again & your token will store correctly.
  • Added the Contributor role, for those who have contributed towards GreenMarshmallow, such as fixes, debugging & recommending features. More details about the benefits of this role can be found on the Supporters & Contributors page.
  • Added the Supporter role, for those who have helped fund GreenMarshmallow. More details about the benefits of this role can be found on the Supporters & Contributors page.
v2.8.7 - April, 25th 2019
  • Updated the Events & Alerts page to use the new Twitch API for the followers data. Subscribers data will be updated when the new Twitch API includes all missing data, such as gifter data, dates/tenure (total months subbed).
  • Added badges to the cheerers section on the Events & Alerts page.
  • Added UserID column to all data on the Events & Alerts page.
  • Fixed a rare issue where data from commands, quotes, rewards or timers would not be saved correctly in the database.
  • Added !timers List which provides a link to the timers page, showing all created timers & related commands.
  • Added !quotes List which provides a link to the quotes page, showing all captured quotes & related commands.
  • Added !cmd List which provides a link to the commands page, showing all created custom commands & related commands.
  • Added a Moderation section to the Commands page. Will add more commands to it in upcoming updates.
  • Added back the !vanish command, which users can use to purge their own messages.
  • Added back the !purge command, which moderators can use to purge a user's messages.
  • Redesigned in sign in process, using a single sign in button/link. The new sign in box will provide a bit more details on which sign in option to choose.
  • Fixed an issue where the first quote ID would start from 2 instead of 1.
  • Updated the @ToUser@ variable in custom commands to show username calling the command if no user after the command is specified.
  • Added @EpicCustomsCode@ variable. This variable can be updated via !greenmarshmallow Edit EpicCustomsCode. Then, any command referencing the variable, will show the new data.
  • Increased the amount of Followers & Subscribers shown on the Events & Alerts page to 100.
  • Edited the message that is displayed when attempting to delete a built-in/default command. It now shows how to disable it.
  • Revamped the !pp command. Outcomes are now stored in a file. Also made it a bit more PG friendly.
  • Added a last live stat to the !uptime command. If the last live stat isn't available, it won't show.
v2.8.6 - March, 15th 2019
  • Added a fresh set of icons & other styles in various places on the website.
  • Added dark mode! You can toggle dark mode via the Dashboard menu when signed in.
  • Added the Top Cheerers (overall) & Recent Cheerers section to the Events & Alerts page.
  • Amended some of the documentation on the Commands page.
  • If signed in, your currency will be shown on the Rewards page, for you to see if you have enough to redeem a reward.
  • Tidied up the About page (home page), Integrations page & the Contact page, changed some wording & added logos.
  • Added some FAQs to the Contact page.
  • Rewrote the Dashboard page & added some bar charts, to show current usage count (how many commands/rewards/quotes created).
  • Reorganized the site menu. Pages that weren't used as much are now grouped up in the About menu. Other pages can still be accessed from the Dashboard.
v2.8.5 - March, 1st 2019
  • Fixed a bug with the Chat Games, points should now only be taken/given from/to the Global Leaderboards.
  • Updated the error message when attempting to redeem a reward that you can't afford, to show costs needed.
  • Removed left over code from the !love & !hate commands.
  • Changed the wording when showing the recent followers & subscribers on the !followers & !subscribers to show "recent" instead of "last".
  • Changed the wording on the !quote commands, to make it slightly easier to understand.
  • Fixed a typo on the !commands command.
v2.8.4 - February, 8th 2019
  • Database upgrade, now stores total months subbed.
  • Further preperations for storing XP & ChatPoints in the database.
  • Fixed more issues with command cooldowns, mainly with the chat games.
v2.8.3 - February, 4th 2019
  • Fixed a bug with the goal on the !followers command.
  • Rewrote the TimeSince function for the website. The dates/times should be more accurate now. Also includes the actual date on hover.
  • Added the Followed date on the Leaderboards page.
  • Added chat badges to the Leaderboards page.
  • Added sorting to the Leaderboards page. You can now sort by Points (which is the default) or by Hours, simply by clicking the table heading.
  • Also added sorting to other pages, like Commands, Quotes etc. Simply click the table heading to sort.
  • Rewrote the !lastseen command due to performance reasons.
  • Updated the Subscription alerts for the new Cumulative Subscription Tenure system Twitch are launching. This means alerts (& sub badges) will be based on the total months subscribed, rather than months in a row (sub streak). Sub streaks will still be a feature on Twitch, but GreenMarshmallow will be using the total months, over the sub streaks data.
v2.8.2 - January, 15th 2019
  • Fixed bugs with some messages not showing in chat for the alerts.
  • You can now view the Monthly Leaderboards for the previous month on the Leaderboards page.
v2.8.1 - January, 14th 2019
  • Rewrote the Commands page. Role/permission is now shown as a badge & most commands now have notes attached.
  • Added a way to disable the Currency/Points system (credit to CrashMyBandicoot for the suggestion). Note that when disabled, any currency/points based commands will also be disabled, such as Rewards & Chat Games. Alerts (subs/resubs/bits/raids) will still trigger, but no currency/points will be awarded.
  • Also added a way to disable specific alerts (subs/resubs/giftsubs/bits/raids).
  • Also added a way to disable payouts for specific alerts (subs/resubs/giftsubs/bits/raids).
  • Rewrote the commands to edit alerts (subs/resubs/giftsubs/bits/raids).
  • Fixed an issue where GreenMarshmallow would not display an alert for every cheer. This was because of a script adding a cooldown when it shouldn't.
  • Tweaked some of the command cooldowns.
  • You can now clear the streamers set via the !multi command.
  • Updated the !status & !game commands to show when the status/game is empty, rather than showing a blank message.
v2.8.0 - December, 30th 2018
  • Added Monthly Leaderboards (credit to AntonTheOne & cazy for the suggestion).
  • Yearly Leaderboards are now referred to as Global Leaderboards.
  • Commands adding to points/currency have been updated to add to both the Monthly & Global Leaderboards, with some exceptions. Refer to each command via the Currency Commands section on the Commands page for more details.
  • GreenMarshmallow will continue to show the Global points/currency & hours in chat, for the streamers who may not be interested in Monthly Leaderboards.
  • Also added the Survey page, which allows you to provide feedback & suggests on upcoming & current features.
  • Increased the amount users can now bet in the !Wager & !CoinFlip commands (credit to cazy for the suggestion).
  • Adjusted the bonus currency/points awarded for raids to award currency/points based on the amount on raiders/viewers that join.
  • Also adjusted the default bonus currency/points awarded for subs & resubs. Any bonus currency/points already set will remain unchanged.
  • Updated the default sub alert messages to show the tier over cost, since most of EU can now pay in Euros/Pounds instead of Dollars.
  • For non-English display names, the username will be shown next to the display name when viewing the Recent Followers section on the Events & Alerts page.
  • Decided to split the Commands & Leaderboards into separate pages. This makes linking to sections a lot easier. Related commands will be shown on the relating pages & every command will be shown on the Commands page.
  • Added a !leaderboards command to link to the Leaderboards page.
  • Preperations for Top Cheerers & Recent Cheerers section.
  • Preperations for revamped XP system & Chat Points for the Leaderboards. Didn't quite make it into this release.
  • Preperations for Subscriptions Leaderboards (total times subscribed/subs gifted). Didn't quite make it into this release.
  • General bug fixes & code tidy up.
v2.7.1 - December, 5th 2018
  • Renamed the !fortnitestats command to !fortnitewins & rewrote it from scratch. Should be more reliable now & finally supports EpicNames with spaces.
  • UserIDs are now added to the database when chatters earn currency & hours. This should make transferring currency & hours to a new UserName a lot easier.
  • If a currency name has not been set, the default currency name "Coins" will be shown until one is set.
v2.7.0 - November, 28th 2018
  • Added a way to keep track of the amount of times viewers have subbed/gifted subs in the channel (credit to AntonTheOne for the suggestion).
  • Also added commands to manually set the sub count for users that have subscribed or gifted subs prior to this update.
  • Preperations for Monthly leaderboards for points/currency & hours.
2.6.5 - November, 21st 2018
  • Improved the accuracy of the !boss & !ammo commands, thanks to CrashMyBandicoot.
  • The whole website is now in HTTPS.
  • Revised the versioning of GreenMarshmallow & updated the Changelog to reflect it.
2.6.4 - November, 16th 2018
  • Fixed a bug with the !points command not showing correctly when user has no hours.
  • Removed support for Game & In-Game purchases via Twitch, since Twitch has announced that it is discontinuing the feature.
  • Removed !points TopBits & related code. Not needed now that Twitch has it's own bits leaderboards with an API.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where points/currency was not being awarded for users who cheer bits/sub/resub/raid. Any points/currency that wasn't added has been added manually.
  • VIP badges are now detected in chat. Not 100% how they'd be used yet though. Maybe VIP only commands or VIP only rewards?
  • Also updated the function which calculates time since.
2.6.3 - November, 2nd 2018
  • Updated detection of moderators & subscribers in chat due to existing method being marked as deprecated.
  • Backend updates & removed older/unused code.
  • Fixed a bug with the function used in the !uptime command where an extra hour would be randomly added to the uptime counter due to timezone issues.
2.6.2 - October, 28th 2018
  • Complete revamp of the Commands & Leaderboards page. It will now show the username for the channel in the title. Channels which are no longer available or don't exist will now also show a notice.
  • The Changelog page will now act as the new homepage for the GreenMarshmallow website. Users who visit the site will now be redirected automatically.
  • Roles (Broadcaster/Viewer) & ranks (Admin/Supporter/User) are now shown on the Commands & Leaderboards page.
  • Bug fixes & internal optimizations.
2.6.1 - September, 16th 2018
  • Currency & hours payouts are now processed externally, which should improve the performance of the bot.
  • Fixed some typos on the Commands & Leaderboards page.
  • Fixed a bug where if a user is not in the database, it doesn't show the user's username in chat when using the !points command.
  • Fixed a bug with the sub alerts message were not always showing in chat.
  • Fixed a bug where some users who had not modified their DisplayName on Twitch (capital letters etc) would not earn currency.
  • Fixed the default alerts messages not showing via the Commands & Leaderboards page.
  • Updated the Commands & Leaderboards page to include the remaining undocumented commands.
2.6.0 - July, 20th 2018
  • Lots of bug & optimization fixes.
  • Data is now stored in databases, which maintains fast speeds, even with lots of data.
  • Migrated from v3 to v5 Twitch APIs for remaining commands.
  • Updated references to the website in commands.
  • Improved error messages for commands that require authorization.
  • Reduced the cooldowns of most commands.
  • Lists (shown on followers, subscribers, commands etc) are better formatted.
  • Added an hours version to the !points command. Also added ranks & XP, which are based on hours.
  • Added aliases to multiple commands. For example, !quote can now be triggered with !quotes. All aliases are documentated on the Commands page.
  • The !ammo & !boss commands have been fixed & now supports all BO3, BO2 & BO1 maps that have regular ammo rounds & boss rounds;
    • Shadows of Evil, The Giant, Der Eisendrache, Zetsubou No Shima, Gorod Krovi, Revelations, Shi No Numa, Kino, Ascension, Origins, MOTD, Die Rise, Farm, Town, Depot, Five, Der Riese
  • Moved some commands around for convenience;
    • Rewards commands have been moved to !rewards.
    • CoinFlip game has been moved to !coinflip.
    • Gamble game has been moved & renamed to !wager. You can now bet amount too!
  • Improved the detection of Viewers, Regulars, Subscribers, Moderators & Broadcaster.
    • Added !regular command, to add users as a regular. If a Regular reward has been set up & a user redeems it, the user will be automatically added as a regular.
    • Added !userinfo command, which shows info about a user such as UserID, regular status, previous usernames & more.
  • Recoded the !fc command to recheck the username before showing sub status due to a bug with the Twitch API.
  • Recoded the !fortnitestats command, it's now possible to check stats for a user, even if the broadcaster has not set up theirs.
  • Cleaned up the edit function on the !greenmarshmallow / !bot command.
  • Re-added the !ads command from version 1.x.x with some new features.
  • Added a command to show available games & to toggle enabled/disabled status - !chatgames. Only the broadcaster can toggle the status of chat-games.
  • Added a new game: !zbattle. Help take down the zombie with a choice of weapons.
  • Added !multi command. Broadcasters can build a multi Twitch link, which shows all streamers in the multi stream (credit to Beccaa for the suggestion).
  • The goal in the !followers command is now more dynamic. Instead of fixed goals, it now shows how many followers per 100.
  • Added a setting NightbotAutoPromote to the !greenmarshmallow command. When enabled, GreenMarshmallow will auto promote any song the broadcaster requests (credit to CrashMyBandicoot for the suggestion).
  • Listed available variables for use in Custom Commands on the Commands page.
2.5.1 - April, 20th 2018
  • Updated the !fortnitestats command to include top10 & top25 stats for solos & the equivalent stats for duos & squads.
2.5.0 - April, 12th 2018
  • Reworded the !bum command.
  • Fixed a bug with editing the bits message using the !greenmarshmallow Edit Bits Message command.
  • Added full support for timers! By default, a random timer message will be sent to the chat every 10 minutes, once 10 messages have passed.
  • Added !steam command, which shows the broadcaster's Steam online status, game played & profile URL.
  • Added !fortnitestats command, which shows a user's stats, like wins, kills & matches played for solo, duo, sqauds & total.
  • Added support for the broadcaster to blacklist a user from earning points/currency & hours via the !points Blacklist command. To unblacklist a user, simply run the command again.
  • Nearly all commands will be enabled by default. To disable a command, simply use !cmd Disable followed by the command name. If commands have been disabled before, they'll remain disabled.
2.4.1 - February, 25th 2018
  • Fixed a text error with the !game command showing "Current status" instead of "Current game".
  • Fixed an issue with the !youtube command not fetching videos.
  • The !youtube command will now include a published timestamp provided by YouTube.
  • The !quote command now displays a clean message when the channel has no quotes.
  • Gifted subs now trigger the usual alerts in chat! Users who gift subs are now rewarded with points/currency!
  • Raids are now fully supported. Raiders will also now trigger in-chat alerts, as well as being rewarded with points/currency.
2.4.0 - February, 9th 2018
  • Added !title as an alias to !status.
  • Removed the setup command & page, since all the information is now listed on the Commands & Leaderboards page. If you still require help, feel free to check out the Contact page.
  • The !commands command will now show a maximum of 10 custom commands to avoid hitting the character limit.
  • Updated the !chatters command to only show hosts & viewer count when live.
  • Updated references to the website & it's pages in various commands.
  • Added !winner command, which picks a random user from chat. Also shows if they're following & for how long.
2.3.0 - January, 25th 2018
  • Added the ability to add & delete rewards via chat!
  • General bug fixes & code tidy up.
  • Users who no longer use GreenMarshmallow due to inactivity are now marked as Inactive. This means their Commands & Leaderboards will no longer update, but the data will be kept available for viewing.
  • Rewards are now sorted by name on the Commands page.
2.2.3 - January, 18th 2018
  • Added partial support for sub gifting.
  • Added partial support for raids.
  • A lot of fixes.
  • Updated the Commands page to include Quotes via the Quotes tab.
  • Custom commands are now sorted by name instead of creation date/time on the Commands page.
  • Removed the Nightbot integration, no plans on using it right now.
2.2.2 - September, 21st 2017
  • Fixed an issue with reauthorizing. If you're unable to reauthorize, use this command in your channel & try again: !greenmarshmallow Authorize Clear (also added info to the error page). This will clear ALL tokens for your channel.
2.2.1 - September, 15th 2017
  • Bug fixes for the the !music command for Spotify.
  • Fixed a bug report by woll, where the Spotify song URL doesn't parse correctly due to the brackets.
v2.2.0 - September, 15th 2017
  • Added support for Spotify! Once authorized via the Integrations page, viewers can check the current song being played on Spotify in chat.
  • Fixed a bug with the coinflip game, where viewers could bet more currency than they had.
  • Fixed a bug with the !youtube command showing an empty/broken message. If the channel has no public videos, a link to the channel will be shown instead.
  • Added support for game & game addon purchases via Twitch. If a viewer buys a game or game addon originating from your Twitch channel, you'll receive 5% of that revenue & they can share it in chat. This feature is still in early development.
  • Updated links to the website in the commands.
  • Due to support for new services/integrations, broadcasters may need to reauthorize with GreenMarshmallow.
  • Lowered the cooldowns on most commands.
  • Fixed an issue with the !shoutout command, where if the user didn't have a game set, it would cause an error.
v2.1.0 - September, 8th 2017
  • Added partial support for timers! They can be managed via the !timers command. Once 1 or more timers are added, a random one will be posted in chat every 10 minutes.
  • Finally added currency payouts/bonus. Broadcasters can award bonus currency to current chatters via the !points payout command.
  • Fixed a bug with the !quote command where quotes weren't being added.
  • Rewrote the !chatters command to now include host count (number of channels currently hosting).
  • Further work on internal coding.
  • Revamped the !8ball command. Outcomes are now stored in a file (like the gamble command outcomes) which allows easy adding/removing.
  • Fixed some issues with the in-chat leaderboards.
  • Added a new in-chat leaderboard for bits/cheers - !points TopBits, but only cheers since this version will be added. Gonna work on a way to detect current bits cheered or provide a manual way to add them to users for the leaderboard.
  • Rewrote the StreamUpdater section, which handles the !status & !game commands. It's now super quick & has better error handling.
  • Renamed the !timer command to !stopwatch to avoid conflictions & confusion.
v2.0.5.1 - August, 22nd 2017
  • The data for the channel is now stored based on the broadcaster's userid, instead of the username. This allows more support for broadcasters who change their usernames.
  • Updated the !followers command to v5 of the Twitch API.
  • Updated the !subscribers command to v5 of the Twitch API, this now allows sub tier to be shown in the command.
  • Removed some unneeded code, which should speed up the bot's responses in chat.
v2.0.5 - August, 18th 2017
  • Fixed issues with cooldowns for the !points gamble command.
  • Added a new CoinFlip game command: !points coinflip which allows users to bet their currency by flipping a coin.
  • Added better error reasons for commands that require authorization.
  • Updated the !commands command to now include custom commands available in the channel, as well as a link to the default commands.
  • Rewrote the function which sends messages to the channel.
  • Added more help messages to the settings editor: !greenmarshmallow Edit.
  • Added an optional multiplier for bits received. Set it to 2 & users receive double the currency for the bits they cheer. By default, it's set to 1.
  • You can now fully edit the sub/resub messages/amounts. Also added default values. You can use these variables in the messages: @User@ @Months@ - more info also shown on the Commands page.
  • You can now fully edit the bits message/multiplier using !greenmarshmallow Edit Bits. Also added default values. You can use these variables in the messages: @User@ @Bits@ - more info also shown on the Commands page.
  • Fixed an issue where commands were not being fully deleted.
v2.0.4 - August, 11th 2017
  • Authorizing is now a fully automated process! To authorize GreenMarshmallow, simply use !greenmarshmallow Authorize in your chat to get the link.
  • Added more settings to edit, such as subscription data etc. Use !greenmarshmallow Edit to see available settings. More info also shown on the Commands page.
  • Removed support for GameWisp. Wasn't used & now it's easier to get a sub button on Twitch via the Twitch Affiliates program.
v2.0.3 - August, 10th 2017
  • Fixed the !points Gamble command.
  • Added commands to edit the settings, which allows you to modify the channel currency, enable/disable chat games etc. More info shown on the Commands page.
  • Fixed some general bugs & removed old code.
  • Fixed issue with the !fc command, where if an entered username contained symbols, the command broke.
v2.0.2.1 - August, 1st 2017
  • Fixed the subscriber count on the !subscribers command. It now does not include the broadcaster's subscription.
  • Fixed a bug with the !fc command not showing subscription data.
v2.0.2 - July, 13th 2017
  • Updated the subscriptions alerts script to detect subscription tiers. Subscribers are now given different amount of points/currency for subscribing, depending on the tier they subscribed to.
  • Twitch Prime subscriptions now trigger the in-chat alerts.
  • Fixed a bug with the command system.
  • Added support for Vodcasts. Viewers won't earn currency during Vodcasts, since they're technically not live.
  • Fixed some bugs & cleaned up some left over code.
v2.0.1 - June, 28th 2017
  • Fixed some bugs with the !fc command.
  • Added support for detecting cheering (bits). This will now trigger an in-chat alert.
  • Added support for detecting subscriptions. This will now trigger an in-chat alert.
  • Added a filter to hide the bots & some others from in-chat leaderboards (top/tophours).
v2.0.0 - June, 7th 2017
  • Added the reward & redemption system, allowing viewers to spend their rewards.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Started making a changelog of updates & fixes.
v1.4.5 - October, 12th 2016
  • Lots of bug fixes.
  • Lots of new features.
v1.0.0 - December, 4th 2014

GreenMarshmallow launched!

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